Phántom Wallét - A Friendly Crypto Wallet

Phántom Wallét - A Friendly Crypto Wallet

Yes, cryptocurrencies went from worthless digital currencies to the most valuable digital assets of all time. But as soon as their expendable value began skyrocketing, the crypto wallets were high on demand and that’s when we came across Phántom Wallét among others.

Also, we hope you know that there are multiple blockchain networks that people choose from and the wallet we’ll be discussing here can only function on the Solana blockchain, which is the only reason why it is also known as the Solana Wallet, despite its name.

To enhance crypto security it allows hardware wallet connections and rewards users for staking SOL (the in-house token). You can find and access every SOL-based crypto, NFTS and more on Solana. Reading through the read below, you’ll know the steps to install the wallet extension, the sign-up guide, and details on the “Swap” feature.

Acquiring the wallet extension to safeguard crypto

So, as we just told you at the end of the introductory part, this part of the read contains the steps to get or download the Phantom Wallet extension on your web browsers so that you can protect your crypto funds on the Solana network:

From a browser, get to the wallet service website.
On the webpage, spot and go on with “Download”.
From the window menu, find and hit “Add to browser”.
Follow through with each of the on-screen instructions.
Signing up for a wallet account of your own on Phantom

Here are the steps you’d have to undergo to help you with creating your account on the Phántom Wallét service so that you have a fully-functioning wallet account:

See to it that the installation is successful.
Get into the plug-in and “Create New Wallet”.
Give the account a strong password and save it.
Post-hitting “Continue”, wait to get the seed phrase.
Save it and go with “OK, I saved it somewhere else”.
Follow through with the rest of the prompts.
Confirm concluding with “Finish Wallet Setup”.
Note: To avoid any cyber threat, users are recommended to save the seed phrase onto an offline location.

Glimpse through the Phantom Wallet Swap feature

The major services that this exclusive wallet offers to its users are buying crypto, collecting NFTs, sending and receiving crypto, storing funds and even swapping them. But all of these operations or tasks can be undertaken on the Solana blockchain network.

Now, to tell you about the swap feature- well, it requires a collection of liquidity, which is known as a pool. These are used to help crypto fanatics swap their crypto funds and utilize or optimize all the existing crypto resources. On Phántom Wallét, you can just choose a crypto pair and make the swap.


The short and detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you with exclusive information on the efficiently designed Solana-based wallet service that has gained appreciation under the name of Phantom Wallet. Reading through the data piece above, you got an idea of how you become a part of the wallet service and learned about one of its excellent features.

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